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Documentation: https://data-records.readthedocs.io/
Source Code: https://gitlab.com/mc706/data-records
Issue Tracker: https://gitlab.com/mc706/data-records/issues
PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/data-records/

Python lacks a Type-Checked Immutable Product Type for storing fields in a type safe way. In python3.7 @dataclass(frozen=True) comes really close to providing this functionality to python, however it offers no defense at runtime of the types that are declared. This may lead to a false confidence in developers code, as type checkers and IDEs will say that everything works well together, but at runtime, the wrong type will be used resulting in a runtime error; exactly what types are meant to try and prevent.

This library is an attempt at moving the type checking of data records to the initialization step, allowing for errors to be handled at ingest instead of downstream during use.


This project is distributed via pypi. You can install it using pip. To get started:

pip install data-records